Special questions – simple answers

Here you will find general questions about the Quick-Pig. To help you quickly find the information you need, we have grouped the questions into three subject areas.

Each project comes with its own set of demands that may not necessarily be addressed in these FAQs. That’s why we would be very happy to help you further in a personal consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Questions/ Answers

Your own employees
• with Biofilm
• Maintenance according to EKVo, SüwVoAbw

Specialist company
• if there is another contamination, e.g. a blockage
• with special pigs

For sure.

• Deposits also occur with other media
• Pipelines for other media must also be cleaned
• Example: Raw water or industry

Important: Different gasket!

For sure.

• with adapter from Storz C Coupling on GEKA coupling

  • Pigging companies use detection technology
  • Use of a special pig with transmitter
  • Calculation of the running time via flow rate and pipe dimension

For sure.

• DN/ID individually adjustable for Quick-Pig and pig
• Quick-Pig Station stays PE100
• Transitions by flange or REINOGRIP (PP, PVC)
• Quick-Pig can be adapted with flange to pipe dimensions and materials

For sure.
• available on request
• experience up to Ø 315 mm
• smaller dimensions than Ø 63 mm available on request

• normally the dome height is less than the cover height!
• Cover height minus 200 mm ± 50 mm and then select next
dome height

Cover height 1370 mm
1370 – 200 = 1170
1170 ± 50 ≈ 1200 mm dome height
Distance to top edge of terrain:
170 mm
Distance to manhole cover:
70 mm


• Launcher/receiver are designed for pig size/length of the respective pipeline
• 4″ flush connection is twice as large as 2”
• larger Bayonet
• larger outlet
• no holding possibility for smaller pigs
• 4″ only possible from on Ø 200 mm

Yes, but….
• Special construction and static calculation required,
therefore please ask for exact pressure conditions! SDR 11 ≠ 16 bar
• Pressure drainage systems work with optimised pumping values;
16 bar operating pressure only with geodetic height differences

• DIN EN 16932
Pressure drainage systems outside buildings

• Worksheet DWA-A 116-2
Pressure drainage systems outside buildings

• DIN EN 12201
Plastic piping systems for water supply and for drainage and sewage
pressure lines – Polyethylene

• DVS 2207
Welding from thermoplastics

Quick-Pig Sender

The principle of operation

The Quick-Pig pig trap enables a significantly reduced effort during pigging and, in addition to economic advan-tages, also offers safety advantages.
A clever solution!
Molchschleuse im Rohrleitungneubau integriert

Installed Quick-Pigs

Since August 2014 over 80 pigging stations have been installed. Use the map to find the nearest Quick-Pig station to you.
Grundbestandteile der Quick-Pig

The components

The pig lock Quick-Pig is so well designed that it is easy to work with. In this way, all functional parts can be removed easily and the pig is quickly positioned!

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