Pigging from the top of the site

Why you should keep a pig …

  • Clean and check pressure lines – directly from the top edge of the terrain
  • Work more efficiently and safely without a shaft

What does Quick-Pig mean in planning?

Features in planning:

  • a molded part
  • a trade
  • no statics
  • no building permit
  • small construction pit
  • feasible in addition to existing lines

Features in planning:

  • You save planning effort with the same plan performance
  • You simplify quality assurance
  • You protect the urban infrastructure from major interventions
  • You accelerate the construction progress
  • You minimize possible sources of error

What does Quick-Pig mean in the daily routine?

Features during operation:

  • remove and test a piece directly from the line
  • easy handling due to bayonet lock
  • quick control with increased pump pressure
  • You protect your colleagues from working in the shaft
  • You make it easier to comply with the self-regulation regulation
  • You will increasingly fulfill your duty of care

Ensure clarity quickly in everyday life

The three-step procedure

  • Check
  • Suck & rinse
  • Clean


Have a quick pig in the future

Your advantages:

  • You become an innovator in the industry
  • The Quick-Pig Station is state of the art
  • You save yourself the time-consuming refurbishment of the shaft
  • You bind skilled workers and strengthen the job profile

Why pigging at all?

Pressure lines, like all other lines, must be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals to prevent deposits from clogging the line. This ensures operational safety, reduces the required pump capacity and maintains the pressure pipe.

The Quick-Pig trap is a clever solution that convinces with extremely low usage and follow-up costs. It can be installed both in new pipelines and in existing pipelines and boasts a very high safety factor.

Pigging with the pig trap Quick-Pig

The Quick-Pig pig trap is an award-winning product that drastically reduces the effort of pigging. Instead of installing the access to a piping system in a shaft where you have to descend and which often has a lot of impairments due to its nature, space and light conditions, the Quick-Pig pig trap allows access directly from the top of the terrain. Access to the pipeline network is via an access built into the pipeline, enclosed by a closure system from a dome to the top of the ground, and operated by a height-adjusted locking lever. The Quick-Pig pig trap enables a significantly reduced effort during pigging and, in addition to economic advantages, also offers safety advantages.

Quick-Pig Sender

The principle of operation

The Quick-Pig pig trap enables a significantly reduced effort during pigging and, in addition to economic advan-tages, also offers safety advantages.
A clever solution!
Grundbestandteile der Quick-Pig

The components

The pig lock Quick-Pig is so well designed that it is easy to work with. In this way, all functional parts can be removed easily and the pig is quickly positioned!

Installed Quick-Pigs

Since August 2014 over 80 pigging stations have been installed. Use the map to find the nearest Quick-Pig station to you.

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